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My Life Is Freakin Crazy

but i love it

Siti Raisha
my name is siti raisha. but just call me raisha. im not new in blogging cause i have had 2 blogs before i made this one. so this is my third blog.
i love to share some story or experiences in my life to u. i started blogging when i was 10. i just put a short story about how angry i if my friends boo-ing my new shoes haha lol. but in this blog,i wanna share more than that. i want u to know that my life is really fun and full of laughing, crying, screaming, etc.
now im 13 years old. im turning 14 on april 2nd haha. i love to reading books, magazines, or something to read :D. and i also like listening music. i always dreaming to be a really good and popular singer! haha.
now im in junior high school. i have a lot of friends from dat school. just fyi, im the smart one on my class hahaha. but theres also boy who is smarter than me. but he's really kind. our mom is friends so us too. :D ok stop talking about him,now back to me. i studied in the same school since i was in kindergarten. kinda bored to school there again. but i promise i'll not be in that school for senior high.
i have 1 sister. she's fira. i do ♥ her :). sometimes we fight just because a simple and not really important thing hahaha.
i have a BOYFRIEND :D. but i cant tell u his name. gaah lets just call him freakingamer :D. the whole school know that im his girlfriend lol.

ok, i guess its enough. to know more about me,ask me! :D
oh yah, follow my twitter if u have one! @raishabc
and also add my skype : raishadalen